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Fabrication & welding services.

Custom Tube Fabrication Custom Tube Fabrication

Gary specializes in custom tube fabrication. This could be anything from roll cages for off-road vehicles, brush guards for golf carts, headboards for bedroom sets or ornamental art. Using a hydraulic tube bender, Gary creates the stylized angles you see in many custom metal products. He primarily works with steel but can also do aluminum.

Tube Rolling Tube Rolling

A tube roller creates gentle curvature to metal tubes as opposed to more harsh angles. The possibilities include headboards, motorcycle handlebars or anything else you can dream up.

General Repair Welding General Repair Welding

Many things need welding over time. Save time and money by choosing to repair rather than replace. Gary has experience repairing many pieces of equipment, like cars and motorcycles, snow plow equipment, boat trailers, heavy machinery, farm equipment, and lawn equipment.


Custom fabrication & welding solutions for over 35 years.

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    Gary Molengraff has created custom welding and fabrication solutions for over 35 years. In 2005, he left his job working for the City of Holland Street Department and began a full time second career as a firefighter. He realized that while he loved fighting fires, he missed the hands-on work that had been such a big part of his life. His new job’s schedule is such that he works 48 hours straight and then has four days off, and thus began…Four Off Fabrication.


Contact Gary personally to place an order or discuss a custom solution. Simply call or email him to get in touch. A phone call is preferred so your request can be discussed in detail.

Gary Molengraff
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